Not the  Status Quo

This ezine-journal-blog-digest is meant to captivate agitate and cogitate

The Bar

There is more than one way. It is not my way or the highway. To each her/his own. Freedom to be who you are

Culture Cafe

Our cafe is digital only, sometimes meets in analog form. Find books, discussion and diversity served for your dining pleasure

Our Purpose:

to celebrate the diversity of humanity.

We seek to celebrate, challenge and learn about the best parts of being human-- of being a good neighbor...next door or around the globe or even in the grocery store.

Something to See

What is on our mind…stuff we find.

Starting December 2016


Don’t it always seem to go… that you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone….

Arts in Action England


Winter is drawing in.. let’s unabashedly scrunch up on the sofa with a good read….

What We are Reading


Kinky Boots


Luke Cage

Hand Clapping Extravaganzas


The Big Apple… Does anyone remember why they call it that? Is pretty “yuge”……



I say “toe may toe” you say “to mah toe”… But one thing I know for sure…a muffin is a muffin and not…..

BIG DEBATE: Cupcake or Muffin, that is the question

Change Up

It is not just about us. We share the planet with each other.  Let’s learn…

Global Story

Something to Say

Spark up a conversation with us about the topics that matter. 

Opening the doors November 2016

What is on YOUR mind…stuff we find.

Global Perspective

A Wintery Mix

Wrapped Up

Each  Month we select stories to share with you. Not everything, but hand  picked, curated by our own fair eyes  (and fingertips). The intention is to engage further into stories, topics issues that zip past our eyes. We don’t inundate, we educate.

Coming soon

Dec 2016